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Weird Wedding Place
Weird Wedding Place

It looks as though love can strike anywhere. We asked “If they came up with a rule that you have to get married on the spot where you met your future husband/wife, where would your wedding take place?” Every fast food restaurant, gas station, store, grade school and high school were submitted. Some of your text responses:

- my ex boyfriends house
- I’d have to get married In A Hot Tub at a Party
- We met at the dorm we both lived in, Dunn Hall at ISU (now torn down)
- Prison!
- my husband and I would have gotten married in his aunt and uncles basement
- Sears by the bed linens
- my husband & I met @ a nursing home n savoy our mothers worked together there & introduced us
- Basic training in Ft. Leonardwood, Missouri
- Army recruiting station
- ours would be on my best friends driveway….my husband and I met at a garage sale
- my boyfriend and i met at a neighbor’s garage party!
- met my husband at a haunted house
- I met my spouse when I was 3yrs old living in Watseka, IL weird how the world moves
- my wedding would have to take place in an online talker “chat room”
- traffic court
- we met in a funeral home and he proposed in a cemetery. Said he was dying to marry me…. 30 years ago

Where would your wedding have to take place?

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