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Showbiz Smackdown – November 14
Showbiz Smackdown – November 14

Thursday’s category: “Famous Siblings”. Trent from Danville got 0 out of 3.

1. Mark Wahlberg

2. Chris Hemsworth

3. Owen Wilson

1. Donnie Wahlberg
2. Liam Hemsworth
3. Luke Wilson

Interviews & Bits

clown nitwit

Weird Fears and Phobias

People have some strange fears, including balloons, worms, cotton balls and unfinished wooden benches!


Waffle loves American Sniper

He liked The Imitation Game and says Paddington was better than he thought it would be


Should You Let Your Kids Win Games?

Life coach Gina says it’s OK to let kids win games.

movie willie waffle

Waffle Reviews Unbroken and Into the Woods

Willie Waffle reviews Unbroken and Into the Woods.