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Showbiz Smackdown – July 30
Showbiz Smackdown – July 30

Jennifer got all 3, but so did Melissa.

1994 or 2004?

• The Bourne Supremacy (2004)

• I, Robot (2004)

• True Lies (1994)

Interviews & Bits

blowdart injury

What weird way did you injure yourself?

One woman broke her toe after tripping over her lawn mower


Andy’s Missing Stroller: another update

Andy may have “donated” his stroller to a homeless woman


Steve teaches us a new term

What IS wildcat scattering? Steve explains…


Willie Waffle reviews Ted 2 and Max

If you liked the first Ted, you’ll probably enjoy the 2nd one.

money pile

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever lost?

Andy left his really nice stroller in Campustown this week! What have you lost?