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Showbiz Smackdown – January 17
Showbiz Smackdown – January 17

Friday’s category was TV Slogans. Kasie from Fairmount got #1 and #2 correct..

1. The Worldwide Leader in Sports

2. History Made Every Day

3. Very Funny

2. History Channel
3. TBS

Interviews & Bits


Another campaign to get women on money

A group now wants to get women on quarters

Channing Tatum

Willie Waffle reviews Magic Mike XXL and Terminator Genesys

Hot guys and aliens…what else do you need? A good script!

podcast 1

Good advice for avoiding sharks!

This woman has some pretty good (and obvious) advice to keep from being attacked by a shark!


Nit Wit News Friday: Check your ears!

A teenager found a centipede in his ear! YIKES!

blowdart injury

What weird way did you injure yourself?

One woman broke her toe after tripping over her lawn mower