Holstein and Company Mornings

Holstein and Company Mornings



Thursday, September 12, 201309/12/2013

Showbiz Smackdown – September 12

D.J. from Atwood chose the category “First Comes Baby, Then Comes Marriage.” 1. She earned her first Oscar for her…


Thursday, September 12, 201309/12/2013

What’s the weirdest thing stolen from you?

A guy had a 150 pound watermelon stolen from his garden.


Wednesday, September 11, 201309/11/2013

Nitwit News – September 11

In Nitwit News

Baltimore police have released tapes of two 911 calls a man made August 26. On the tapes the voice on…


Wednesday, September 11, 201309/11/2013

What are you afraid of?

Everyone is scared of something. What are you afraid of? Oprah’s fear is balloons: “I don’t like balloons, and for…


Wednesday, September 11, 201309/11/2013

Showbiz Smackdown – September 11

Brad from Danville chose the category “Do You Know This Game Show’. 1. A game show that shows a phrase…


Wednesday, September 11, 201309/11/2013

“Amnesia Guy” thinks wife is hot

What would your spouse say if they woke up from a coma and saw you “for the first time?”


Tuesday, September 10, 201309/10/2013

Showbiz Smackdown – September 10

Today’s contestant chose the category “Three Harrys”. 1. Clint Eastwood played this tough San Francisco detective in five films. 2.…

Screening of NBC's 'The Voice' Season 4 at TCL Chinese Theatre

Tuesday, September 10, 201309/10/2013

Entertainer of the Year Nominees

Who do you think will win?

nitwit criminal thief

Tuesday, September 10, 201309/10/2013

Nitwit News – September 10

In Nitwit News

A man with the world’s longest tongue is set to retain his record after it kept growing. Stephen Taylor’s tongue…


Monday, September 9, 201309/09/2013

Showbiz Smackdown – September 9

Janelle from Tolono chose category “The Color of Movies”. 1. A submarine film starring Alec Baldwin and Sean Connery. 2.…

Interviews & Bits

movie willie waffle

Willie Waffle Reviews 4 Movies

Willie Waffle reviews the final Hobbit film, Annie, Wild, and the latest Night at the Museum.

Sgt. Bruce

Sgt. Bruce and Giving Cops Gifts

Can you give your favorite officer a gift? Maybe.

clown nitwit

Gina on Kindness

Kindness goes a long way in relationships. Gina explains.

Sgt. Bruce: Cameras on Cops

Sgt. Bruce talks about the putting cameras on cops.

Randy Houser

Randy Houser talks turkey with Ho Co

Randy and Andy talk turkeys, kids and ipads, and sexting. See Randy at Fluid Event Center November 29th!


Willie reviews Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1

Gives it 2 1/2 and says it looks good but lacks the action we’re hoping for.