Holstein and Company Mornings

Holstein and Company Mornings



Thursday, June 13, 201306/13/2013

Myths about cooking steak

Old wives’ tales about cooking steak that need to go away.


Thursday, June 13, 201306/13/2013

Who needs a cup for your Frosty?

Another day, another fast food employee is caught on camera doing what he shouldn’t do. You’ll recall the Taco Bell…


Tuesday, June 11, 201306/11/2013

This 5-year-old has a future

Watch Hunter Hayes command the stage (and accordian) at 5.


Monday, June 10, 201306/10/2013

Backpack drive for Moore, Oklahoma

Grab the kids and work on this project for the kids of Moore, Oklahoma


Thursday, June 6, 201306/06/2013

Do you dare try to photocopy money?

Counterfeit bills are being passed around Champaign


Tuesday, June 4, 201306/04/2013

I LICK, I mean LIKE Taco Bell

Worker does something gross

Tuesday, June 4, 201306/04/2013

NITWIT: Kindergarden graduation brawl

8 people were arrested…

Tuesday, June 4, 201306/04/2013

Best TV Shows of All Time

The Writers Guild of America has come out with their list of the 101 Best TV Shows Of All Time. 1. “The…

Carrie Underwood performs live at 'C2C: Country to Country'

Tuesday, June 4, 201306/04/2013

Carrie Underwood in a bikini

Vacation on the beach.

Homer Soda Fest

Thursday, May 30, 201305/30/2013

3 Things to do this weekend

There are three big events in WIXY Country this weekend: 1) Friday Night Live – this free event in Downtown Champaign returns…

Interviews & Bits

Sgt. Bruce

Sgt. Bruce on Local Nitwits

We asked Sgt. Bruce to share some stories of local knuckleheads and nitwits.


Willie Waffle Doesn’t Like The Identical

To celebrate 20 years Forest Gump is back in theaters — and it’s on IMAX. There’s also a new movie called The Identical.


Gina Talks About Bad Marital Advice

Life coach Gina says we should ignore this marital advice.


Waffle Reviews November Man & As Above/So Below

Movie guy Willie Waffle gave one movie 1 out of 4 and the other 0 out of 4!

Sgt. Bruce and Cop Cameras

Champaign police cars have cameras. How do they work and will the police be wearing cameras soon?  


How to Tell Someone They Smell

We asked life coach Gina how to tell someone they stink or have bad breath.


We TRIED to do the Ice Bucket Challenge

We were ready to do the Ice Bucket Challenge … and planning to challenge a local “celebrity”. Then the U of I…

Sylvester Stallone

Expendables 3 and The Giver not good

Willie gives E3 one and a half “waffles” and The Giver just one.