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Holstein and Company Mornings



Monday, September 29, 201409/29/2014

Nitwit News – September 29

In Nitwit News

We’re not sure this story’s real, but it’s still fun enough to share. Over the course of 15 years a…


Friday, September 26, 201409/26/2014

Most Country Sounding Stars

Which country stars “sound” the most country when they talk?

Friday, September 26, 201409/26/2014

The Aldean/Kerr engagement photo

They look happy. One heck of a rock! Brittany says “We’ve been on cloud nine the past few days!!☁️ My…


Friday, September 26, 201409/26/2014

Nitwit News – September 26

In Nitwit News

A Canadian man was caught at the Detroit border trying to smuggle back into Canada 51 live turtles hiding in…


Friday, September 26, 201409/26/2014

Showbiz Smackdown – September 26

Lynn from Fairmount got #1 correct. Melissa got all 3. Totally TV • The 29th season of this reality show…


Friday, September 26, 201409/26/2014

Where did you get engaged?

Tyler Hubbard – helicopter. Jason Aldean – zoo. What about you?


Friday, September 26, 201409/26/2014

Love high school football?

You need to watch this video before tonight’s game!


Thursday, September 25, 201409/25/2014

Showbiz Smackdown – September 25

Joey from Danville got 0 out of 3. Melissa got all three! Celebs With the Same First and Last Initials…

nitwit criminal thief

Thursday, September 25, 201409/25/2014

Nitwit News – September 25

In Nitwit News

For many of us, that brief time between placing your order at the fast food drive-thru and waiting for your…


Wednesday, September 24, 201409/24/2014

Showbiz Smackdown – September 24

Rose from Rantoul got 3 out of 3, but so did Melissa. Play weekdays at6:45 a.m. for your chance to…

Interviews & Bits

Randy Houser

Randy Houser talks turkey with Ho Co

Randy and Andy talk turkeys, kids and ipads, and sexting. See Randy at Fluid Event Center November 29th!


Willie reviews Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1

Gives it 2 1/2 and says it looks good but lacks the action we’re hoping for.


Nitwit News November 19

The video above is one I mention in Nitwit News. Click the play button below to hear today’s Nitwit News

Sgt. Bruce

The stresses of being a cop

Sgt. Bruce talks about some of the hardest parts about being a police officer.

movie willie waffle

Dumb and Dumber To is just ok

the sequel gets 1 1/2 Waffles