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Holstein and Company Mornings



Thursday, February 6, 201402/06/2014

Showbiz Smackdown – February 6

Joe from Fisher chose the category NewsPop. He got #1 and #3 right. • A cookie maker unveiled a glutten…

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Thursday, February 6, 201402/06/2014

5 Second Test Reveals if You’re a Good Liar!

Quick, using your finger, draw a capital Q on your forehead. A university professor (University of Hertfordshire psychology professor Richard…

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Wednesday, February 5, 201402/05/2014

Urbana School District’s message to teachers

A song about today’s snow day sung to Margaritaville.

Newlywed 2

Wednesday, February 5, 201402/05/2014

Not So Newlywed Game

Your chance to win a his-and-her massage for Valentine’s Day.


Tuesday, February 4, 201402/04/2014

Did You Get Your Gift from Facebook?

Facebook turned 10 years old today (February 4) and is giving users a small gift. Facebook has created a personalized video…

snow plow

Tuesday, February 4, 201402/04/2014

School Closing Song

This is the song parents in Kentucky got when schools closed.

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Tuesday, February 4, 201402/04/2014

A dad’s final video before dying

A must-watch on World Cancer Day.


Tuesday, February 4, 201402/04/2014

Showbiz Smackdown – February 4

Jordan chose the category Top TV … shows that are consistently in the Top 20. He got #3 right. •…

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Monday, February 3, 201402/03/2014

Monster Truck Recovers from Flip

Monster trucks are coming back to Champaign and WIXY’s got your tickets. Watch how the driver of this truck gets back on all fours.


Monday, February 3, 201402/03/2014

Nitwit News – February 3

In Nitwit News

When Lake Tahoe fisherman Stephen Garnett reeled in a shiny object recently, he initially thought it was a smartphone. Upon…

Interviews & Bits

Tim McGraw

Are Tim and Faith divorcing?

One website says there are clues that the two are finished! Holstein and Company is calling bull

podcast 2

Is it okay to wear underwear more than one day?

Scientists say yes! Melissa says YUCK

cell phone

Nitwit News Monday- Thieves butt-dial their victim

If you’re going to rob someone, you may want to lock your smartphones’ keypad

clown nitwit

Weird Fears and Phobias

People have some strange fears, including balloons, worms, cotton balls and unfinished wooden benches!


Waffle loves American Sniper

He liked The Imitation Game and says Paddington was better than he thought it would be