Holstein and Company Mornings

Holstein and Company Mornings



Monday, February 10, 201402/10/2014

Showbiz Smackdown – February 10

Super Bowl Ad Quiz. It’s been just over a week… let’s see if you can remember the companies behind the…

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Friday, February 7, 201402/07/2014

An Honest Facebook “Look Back” Movie

Lots of your friends have been sharing their “Look Back” videos on Facebook. Here’s a more honest version.


Friday, February 7, 201402/07/2014

Showbiz Smackdown – February 7

Art from Paxton chose the categroy Celebrity Nicknames. He got #2 correct. • The Fab Four (The Beatles) • Puff…

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Thursday, February 6, 201402/06/2014

Garth on Leno

A look back at some of his best moments.


Thursday, February 6, 201402/06/2014

Nitwit News – February 6

In Nitwit News

Authorities in Spain discovered 37 large backpacks filled with 2,000 pounds of cocaine floating in the water. The backpacks were…


Thursday, February 6, 201402/06/2014

Showbiz Smackdown – February 6

Joe from Fisher chose the category NewsPop. He got #1 and #3 right. • A cookie maker unveiled a glutten…

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Thursday, February 6, 201402/06/2014

5 Second Test Reveals if You’re a Good Liar!

Quick, using your finger, draw a capital Q on your forehead. A university professor (University of Hertfordshire psychology professor Richard…

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Wednesday, February 5, 201402/05/2014

Urbana School District’s message to teachers

A song about today’s snow day sung to Margaritaville.

Newlywed 2

Wednesday, February 5, 201402/05/2014

Not So Newlywed Game

Your chance to win a his-and-her massage for Valentine’s Day.


Tuesday, February 4, 201402/04/2014

Did You Get Your Gift from Facebook?

Facebook turned 10 years old today (February 4) and is giving users a small gift. Facebook has created a personalized video…

Interviews & Bits


Nitwit News November 19

The video above is one I mention in Nitwit News. Click the play button below to hear today’s Nitwit News

Sgt. Bruce

The stresses of being a cop

Sgt. Bruce talks about some of the hardest parts about being a police officer.

movie willie waffle

Dumb and Dumber To is just ok

the sequel gets 1 1/2 Waffles


Gina on the Changing Seasons

Hate winter? Hate summer? Maybe it’s S.A.D. (Probably not.)