Holstein and Company Mornings

Holstein and Company Mornings


Friday, April 10, 201504/10/2015

The most important first date question to ask

Do you like grilled cheese sandwiches? Grilled cheese lovers are more willing to donate time and money to help others,…


Tuesday, April 7, 201504/07/2015

Music Madness: The Dance is the Greatest Country Song of All Time

We started with 64 songs from different eras of country music and it came down to Luke Bryan “Country Girl…


Wednesday, April 1, 201504/01/2015

How They Pull A Loose Tooth in Florida

When your kid has a loose tooth, pull the Camaro out of the garage.

Kenny Chesney

Tuesday, March 31, 201503/31/2015

Kenny Chesney wants your iPod

for Alzehimer patients…


Monday, March 30, 201503/30/2015

A permission slip to eat Oreos

A school project involves a bad food. And that means that in order to protect the school from a harmful…


Monday, March 23, 201503/23/2015

Lies your parents told you

Some are funny, some are necessary, some are cruel.


Thursday, March 19, 201503/19/2015

Here’s who to pick in your bracket

Weird and fun facts about some of the teams in the tourney


Thursday, March 12, 201503/12/2015

Your beer is too cold

Unless you’re drinking cheap beer, it should be warmer.

baby in flag

Thursday, March 12, 201503/12/2015

Is this photo disrespectful?

An active duty Navy member holds a baby in a flag

cell phone

Monday, March 9, 201503/09/2015

Must-have app: Show Your Disney Side

We took some selfies and transformed ourselves