Holstein and Company Mornings

Holstein and Company Mornings


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Thursday, February 6, 201402/06/2014

Garth on Leno

A look back at some of his best moments.


Thursday, February 6, 201402/06/2014

Nitwit News – February 6

In Nitwit News

Authorities in Spain discovered 37 large backpacks filled with 2,000 pounds of cocaine floating in the water. The backpacks were…


Thursday, February 6, 201402/06/2014

Showbiz Smackdown – February 6

Joe from Fisher chose the category NewsPop. He got #1 and #3 right. • A cookie maker unveiled a glutten…

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Thursday, February 6, 201402/06/2014

5 Second Test Reveals if You’re a Good Liar!

Quick, using your finger, draw a capital Q on your forehead. A university professor (University of Hertfordshire psychology professor Richard…

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Wednesday, February 5, 201402/05/2014

Urbana School District’s message to teachers

A song about today’s snow day sung to Margaritaville.

Newlywed 2

Wednesday, February 5, 201402/05/2014

Not So Newlywed Game

Your chance to win a his-and-her massage for Valentine’s Day.


Tuesday, February 4, 201402/04/2014

Did You Get Your Gift from Facebook?

Facebook turned 10 years old today (February 4) and is giving users a small gift. Facebook has created a personalized video…

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Tuesday, February 4, 201402/04/2014

School Closing Song

This is the song parents in Kentucky got when schools closed.

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Tuesday, February 4, 201402/04/2014

A dad’s final video before dying

A must-watch on World Cancer Day.


Tuesday, February 4, 201402/04/2014

Showbiz Smackdown – February 4

Jordan chose the category Top TV … shows that are consistently in the Top 20. He got #3 right. •…

Interviews & Bits


Willie Waffle Reviews 3 New Films

Willie Waffle reviews Planes: Fire & Rescue, Sex Tape and The Purge: Anarchy.

Sgt. Bruce and the Local Flooding

Sgt. Bruce was on duty Saturday, July 12, when WIXY Country got 5+ inches of rain.

artist of the decade 070409

Garth Brooks Will Talk to Andy Roberts!

Andy Roberts will be the first to know where Garth Brooks’ world tour kicks off!

Gina Gives Us A Quiz

After four years of visits to the show, have we learned anything? Life coach Gina gives us a quiz.


Willie Reivews Three 4th Weekend Films

Tammy, Deliver Us from Evil and Earth to Echo… should you see any of these new movies?

Sgt. Bruce Talks Fireworks

Sgt. Bruce talks Fourth of July fireworks.

movie willie waffle

Willie Waffle – Transformers Age of Extinction

Another Transformers is in theaters. Steve says it’s too long and too confusing. What’s our movie guy think?


Gina Says Ignore Your Kids!

Life coach Gina says you need to choose your kids or your gadgets.