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Nitwit News – September 3
Nitwit News – September 3

A British woman said she will wait about eight years until her pet chicken dies to retrieve a diamond earring swallowed by the bird. Claire Lennon said Sarah the chicken snatched the earring while perching on her shoulder and veterinarians determined the ring was trapped in the chicken’s stomach and could only be removed with a potentially fatal surgery. Lennon says she’ll wait until Sarah dies.

In Ohio, Rodney Watkins was arrested Saturday during a traffic stop. Police (in Golf Manor) say that Watkins’ first mistake was showing officers false ID. The ID from Illinois had the name Carlos Williams on it. Watkins’ other mistake was lighting a crack pipe while in custody.

A University of Arkansas student was carted off in a stretcher after his weapon malfunctioned. It happened Saturday at Razorback Stadium when the student’s T-shirt air gun misfired. Fans across the stadium heard a loud boom and saw the student immediately fall to the ground.

A 10-year-old from Wasilla, Alaska, won $2,000 for his winning entry at the Alaska State Fair’s Giant Cabbage Weigh-Off. The 92-pound head of cabbage weighed 92 pounds. The 10-year-old said he named the cabbage “Bob”.

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