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Nitwit News – August 28
Nitwit News – August 28

After her bike was stolen a Canadian woman pulled the same trick a Washington D.C. guy did last year. She spotted her ride on Craigslist, agreed to meet the thief/seller in a parking lot, asked for a test ride, then simply rode off into the sunset. Her bike was stolen from outside a friend’s house last week, she says, and the next morning she woke up and called the police to make a stolen bike report, and the other to her bike store to get a copy of her serial numbers. Lo and behold, her friend calls and tells her, “I think I found your bike on Craigslist.” She looks up the post and sure enough, it looked like her bike and was located two blocks away from where it had been stolen. She called the police and told them what she’d discovered, but says that they told her someone would call her back, but maybe “not today.” She decided not to wait for the cops to take action. She called him up and agreed to meet him in a half hour at a McDonald’s parking lot. Once she arrived, she knew it was her bike. The guy let her test ride it — but not before telling her, “but don’t take off.” Take off she did, to a parking lot down the road where a friend met her. The seller got freaked out and ran off. She forwarded the guy’s contact info to the cops.

Brad Fillius had just run with the bulls in Virginia and had returned to the stands unharmed, when a drone being used by a TV station to get video of the event crashed into the crowd and hit him in the face. The FAA is investigating the camera drone attack.

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podcast 1

Greybies Are Coming in November

Moms will be giving birth to “greybies” in November.

podcast 4

Willie Waffle Reviews Get Hard and Home

Willie Waffle Reviews Get Hard and Home

Cop Car

WIXY welcomes Alan Jones with the Champaign Co. Sheriff’s Office

Sgt. Bruce had the day off for more police training so we talked to Alan Jones, the Chief Deputy for the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office about their new body cameras


Nitwit News Tuesday – Man fired for tattoo

Not just any tattoo…his said ISIS. He swears it’s an ex’s name.


Good News Friday- How do you live to 104?

You have to have the right “Dr.”


Nitwit News Friday- The lawyer is also a criminal

You know you’re in trouble when your lawyer is caught with pot at the courthouse

movie willie waffle

Willie Waffle reviews Insurgent and The Gunman

Willie REALLY didn’t like Divergent, so what does he think of the next film in the trilogy?


Stupid Study of the Week

Kids are eating like crap; too much sugar and salt, not enough fruits, veggies and whole grains. DUH!