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Embarrassing Things Kids Have Said
Embarrassing Things Kids Have Said

At the grocery store, my daughter said “Don’t beat me Daddy!” She was pushing a kid-size shopping cart and I was pushing mine; she didn’t want me to get ahead of her.

What’s the most embarrassing thing your kids have said in public?

Your responses on Facebook:
Monica Buchanan Williams Around Thanksgiving while shopping at Wal Mart my son saw a group of Amish people and very loudly yelled “look mommy, Pilgrims”
Terri Todd Cole A lady was walking by in a sports bra and my son said to his Grandpa “how about those boobies Grandpa”?
Dena Rinehart At a restaurant my 3 yr old told the waitress “mommy and daddy took a shower”. This was true however it wasnt at the same time
Elizabeth Welland My husband was in the Army and dressed in B.D.Us for work. One day at Walmart my daughter started scream Daddy,Daddy,Daddy at a man also dressed in bdus. It was not her dad. And this guys wife was not happy.
Jessica Crabtree At the grocery store, my daughter loudly exclaimed “look mommy, her belly is fatter than yours!!”
Sue Armstrong When my daughter was 4 she walked up to a lady in a laundry mat and watched her fold her laundry and said ” YOU WEAR BIG PANTIES”.
Lisa Michelle In church, sitting in the back row, my now 15 year old, then 3 years old, said aloud, “Geeez, how many wedgies do you have Mommy??”
Cassandra Justice My daughter and I were in the bathroom at a store. She was about 2 or 3 then. Someone was on their cell in another stall and asked “were are you”. My daughter replied ” I here”. Lady busted up laughing
Heather Bushman My daughter says to the pediatrician “My mom doesn’t wear underwear.” Embarrassing & I couldn’t hide or get away. We were the only three in the room.
Mary Cornwell-Blythe our daughter Sarah had heard a little boy in my daycare announce that he had a penis. Not to be outdone she announced that she had a penis too.
Katrina Odom-Knox My 3 year old son at the time, now 8, says what this and pulled the fire alarm in a store and no one had the keys to turn it off! It was so embarrassing but so funny at the same time!

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