Holstein and Company Mornings

Sgt. Bruce Ramseyer

Sgt. Bruce

Wednesday, September 11, 201309/11/2013

Sgt. Bruce’s Favorite Cop Shows & Movies

Sgt. Bruce talks about the movies and TV shows cops like.

Sgt. Bruce

Tuesday, August 27, 201308/27/2013

Stopping for school buses

Sgt. Bruce with the Champaign Police Department reminds us of when we have to stop for school buses.

Sgt. Bruce

Wednesday, August 14, 201308/14/2013

Talking cop tricks with Sgt. Bruce

Some police departments use tricks to catch the bad guys. What about Champaign police?

Sgt. Bruce

Tuesday, July 30, 201307/30/2013

Sgt. Bruce on distracted driving

Sgt. Bruce says put down that cell phone, coffee, lap pet and burrito!

Sgt. Bruce

Thursday, July 18, 201307/18/2013

Sgt. Bruce eats a Twinkie

Sgt. Bruce stops by to raid our Twinkie stash.

Sgt. Bruce

Wednesday, July 3, 201307/03/2013

Fourth of July fireworks

Sgt. Bruce on how local police handle fireworks.

Sgt. Bruce

Tuesday, June 18, 201306/18/2013

So you wanna be a cop?

Want to be a police officer? Sgt. Bruce tells you how to get from high school into the seat of a police car.

Sgt. Bruce

Wednesday, June 5, 201306/05/2013

Champaign Police awards

Sgt. Bruce talks about the recent Champaign police awards and recognition ceremony.

Sgt. Bruce

Wednesday, May 22, 201305/22/2013

Do you HAVE to stop at stop signs?

Sgt Bruce talks about grocery store stop signs and picking donuts.

Sgt. Bruce

Wednesday, May 8, 201305/08/2013

Things cops want you to know

Sgt. Bruce shares the things cops want you to know.

Interviews & Bits


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Sgt. Bruce and the Local Flooding

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Willie Reivews Three 4th Weekend Films

Tammy, Deliver Us from Evil and Earth to Echo… should you see any of these new movies?

Sgt. Bruce Talks Fireworks

Sgt. Bruce talks Fourth of July fireworks.

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Willie Waffle – Transformers Age of Extinction

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Gina Says Ignore Your Kids!

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