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Tuesday, March 10, 201503/10/2015

50 Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan is getting a raise

Dornan reportedly made just $100,000 for the first film. That’s jumping up to several million for the second!

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Monday, March 9, 201503/09/2015

Your fridge could be sending SPAM

WiFi connected appliances may not be all that great…they can send out SPAM!


Monday, March 9, 201503/09/2015

Mom is mad at the cops for son’s ticket

A mom called the Champaign Police to complain about her son’s ticket for underage drinking at Unofficial


Monday, March 9, 201503/09/2015

Showbiz Smackdown Monday

Jessica got the hardest question right, but Melissa still knew more


Monday, March 9, 201503/09/2015

Nitwit News Monday- Worst 1st Date EVER

You think you’ve had bad dates? This woman got her car stolen

movie willie waffle

Friday, March 6, 201503/06/2015

Willie Waffle Friday March 6

Willie reviews The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Chappie and Unfinished Business


Friday, March 6, 201503/06/2015

Nitwit News Friday- Plane struck by lightning

It wasn’t just any plane hit by lightning: this was a flight to help people get over their fear of flying!

snow plow

Friday, March 6, 201503/06/2015

Good News Friday- Awesome neighbors

When a sick boy needed to get to the hospital, the neighbors shoveled the snow filled street!

Big Stocking Christmas

Thursday, March 5, 201503/05/2015

Nitwit News Thursday- Talking Christmas Tree

What every community needs…a talking Christmas Tree!


Thursday, March 5, 201503/05/2015

Praying can be dangerous

Be careful when praying before your meal! You may burn yourself