Holstein and Company Mornings


Thursday, May 9, 201305/09/2013

Duck Dynasty duck call contest

Listen as listeners compete for Duck Dynasty tickets.

Sgt. Bruce

Wednesday, May 8, 201305/08/2013

Things cops want you to know

Sgt. Bruce shares the things cops want you to know.


Monday, May 6, 201305/06/2013

Pregnancy food cravings

Melissa talks about being pregnant and food.


Friday, May 3, 201305/03/2013

Andy’s car smells

Andy had something smelly in his car. What was it?


Tuesday, April 30, 201304/30/2013

Gina talks shared Facebook accounts

Should couples share a Facebook account? Should they have access to each other’s email?

Sgt. Bruce

Wednesday, April 24, 201304/24/2013

Sgt. Bruce talks jurisdiction


Wednesday, April 17, 201304/17/2013

Why was this kid banned from a talent show?

A young boy was banned from a talent show. You’ll never guess why!


Wednesday, April 17, 201304/17/2013

Gina: Should a 3-year-old have an iPad?

Life coach Gina talks about kids and tech. Should a 3-year-old have an iPad?


Tuesday, April 16, 201304/16/2013

Illinois Marathon officials talk safety

In the wake of the Boston bombing, Illinois Marathon organizers talk safety.


Tuesday, April 16, 201304/16/2013

Kathrine Switzer talks Boston Marathon tragedy

Boston Marathon legend Kathrine Switzer shares her thoughts on the bombing.

Interviews & Bits

Dustin Lynch

Why did you need stitches?

Dustin Lynch was hit in the face with a can of beer mid-concert and needed stitches. What happened that you…

A house overrun with spiders

Thousands of spiders bleeding from the walls.