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Blowdart attacks on U of I campus
Blowdart attacks on U of I campus

Two people were attacked with blowdarts on campus Tuesday! I’ve never heard of such a thing in my life.

One person posted the following on Reddit:
My friend was shot by a blow-dart today (8:20 pm) out at the intersection of 4th and John!
We were casually walking to Green to get some dinner when out of nowhere, she yelps in pain. I was thinking she stubbed her toe on a rock or something but when she inspected her arm, there was a 3 inch blow-dart going through her forearm!!! I immediately looked around for any suspicious activity but was not able to catch anything right away.
We disinfected it with over-the-counter products and filed a police report to open an investigation to find the perpetrator. The officer suggested to have her forearm examined for any infection or other symptoms, just to be safe. I took her to the ER at Carle to have her wound inspected and cleaned. Thankfully nothing seems to be serious…
My friend just feels lucky that she wasn’t hit anywhere else. If it had been a hit to the neck or to her torso…
I am not trying to point the finger to anybody in the area since there really is no proof, but I just wanted to throw out a warning when you’re out in that area! If you see any suspicious activity or find any blow-darts lying around, please PM me and let me know! It can be a huge clue to help our investigation to apprehend the idiot behind this.
An image of the dart
My friend’s arm while at the ER
Stay safe everyone!!!



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