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A dad’s final video before dying
A dad’s final video before dying

Today is World Cancer Day.

Nick Magnotti lost his battle with appendix cancer in January 9th after 2 1/2 years. But not before making this video for his 7-month-old daughter.

Nick and his wife have such an incredible outlook on life. Rest in peace, Nick.

Here is a blog post from the family’s website teammagnotti.org:

We Won

Though we have had so much time to prepare, I cannot seem to believe that my husband is gone. Nick passed peacefully Tuesday morning, in my arms, after a 2.5 year battle with Appendix Cancer (Mucinous Adenocarcinoma Signet Ring Cell) at the age of 27.

The last 48 hours without him have been a blur and an intense roller coaster of extreme ups and terrible, terrible downs. I am elated that he is with Jesus and finally cancer free but I am also heartbroken for me.

Though this is the worst thing that I could have possibly imagined to happen to me and my baby girl, God is ever-present. He is here and though I do not understand His ways, I am choosing to trust. I hope that you can too.

Nick was valiant till the end, courageous and strong. All of his pain and suffering is no more. God has a plan and Nick touched so many, many lives with his courage, hope and joy. None more-so than mine.

Nick did not lose his fight with cancer. He won. We won. He is cancer free and he has encouraged many hearts. When he was first diagnosed, he said it would be worth all the pain if he changed just one life. I would venture to say that he has changed thousands.

I am so thankful for the support and prayers that you all have provided to us through this journey. So much support and strength we drew from those that follow us and I can only hope that we gave as much back.

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