Holstein and Company Mornings

Holstein and Company Mornings



Thursday, February 26, 201502/26/2015

Nitwit News Thursday- The Brisket Bandit

Who’s stealing all the meats?


Thursday, February 26, 201502/26/2015

Good News Thursday- Edible Coffee Cups

What if you could have your coffee and doughnut in the same cup? It’s possible overseas!


Wednesday, February 25, 201502/25/2015

Nitwit News Wednesday- Robber caught after taking a break

In Nitwit News

If you’re on the run, don’t stop at a Dunkin Donuts for coffee


Tuesday, February 24, 201502/24/2015

Showbiz Smackdown Tuesday

Jennifer went for 1 Question, $100…

podcast 3

Tuesday, February 24, 201502/24/2015

Nitwit News Tuesday- Bad haircut

In Nitwit News

A guy got revenge for his bad haircut!


Monday, February 23, 201502/23/2015

Stupid Study of the Week

A new study says we’re all stressed over money…duh!


Monday, February 23, 201502/23/2015

Guess the Gift Card Balance

Steve found an old giftcard in his wallet, so we had two people go head to head to guess the remaining balance


Friday, February 20, 201502/20/2015

Nitwit News Friday- A sinkhole takes down a snowplow

In Nitwit News

48th Annual ACM Awards held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena inside MGM Grand

Thursday, February 19, 201502/19/2015

Fun video: Brett Eldredge night-sledding

Love Brett!

Interviews & Bits

clown nitwit

Weird Fears and Phobias

People have some strange fears, including balloons, worms, cotton balls and unfinished wooden benches!


Waffle loves American Sniper

He liked The Imitation Game and says Paddington was better than he thought it would be


Should You Let Your Kids Win Games?

Life coach Gina says it’s OK to let kids win games.

movie willie waffle

Waffle Reviews Unbroken and Into the Woods

Willie Waffle reviews Unbroken and Into the Woods.